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Clients generally have questions prior to requesting Tail Waggerz’ services. We have consolidated many of the frequently asked questions here. If you do not see an answer to a question you have, please contact us at 617-340-2163 (Daycare & Boarding) or (617) 467-4664 (Grooming & Retail).

Can I come see your facility?

While we would love the opportunity to showcase our facility, for the safety of all the dogs in our care as well as our customers, only our trained canine care professionals are permitted behind our lobby counter. Additionally, having a “stranger” enter the room causes many of the dogs to become overly aroused and can create a potentially dangerous energy level within our pack. Because of the level of excitement that dogs display when a new person arrives we even have to very carefully coordinate our shift changes. We hope our customers can appreciate that although we would love to have everyone come in and play with all the dogs, our top priority is safety and we of course would never prioritize potential new business over the wellbeing of the dogs in our care.

How do you "interview" the dogs?

We consider the first day of daycare the evaluation day. This day MUST BE SCHEDULED and your dog must arrive at 7:00am, the moment we open. This gives your dog the opportunity to acclimate to the daycare environment prior to the majority of daycare dogs arriving. Think of it as being the new kid in school; you don’t want to be new and be late! Because this is a required service, it is FREE OF CHARGE!

If you are having your dog evaluated for boarding, we require AT MINIMUM three full days of daycare, as well as a potential boarding (overnight) evaluation before your dog is considered for boarding eligibility. It is imperative that all the dogs in our care are very comfortable and familiar with us prior to boarding. We do not allow dogs to be evaluated and then boarded the next night, and frankly we feel owners shouldn’t want to leave their dogs overnight in an unfamiliar environment anyway.

Please see our enrollment page for more information on getting started.

I can’t find your place, where exactly are you located?
We are in the rear building at 217 California Street. As you drive down California St., you will see a flashing yellow light. At this light, turn toward FORTE MEMORIAL PARK. Tail Waggerz is located on the right hand side where you see cedar wood fencing. If you are still having trouble finding us, please call at 617-340-2163.
Can I come and observe my dog playing?
Unfortunately, no. As much as we would love to offer that service, it is our responsibility to supervise the dogs in our care. The staff needs to concentrate on the dogs and their needs. Customers observing the dogs would be distracting to our staff and very disruptive to the dogs.
What time do you close?
Weekday pickups are anytime until 7:00 p.m.
No weekend pickups between 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Weekday pickups are anytime until 7:00 p.m.
Weekend pickups are between 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
No weekend pickups between 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

We do not allow any pick ups or drop offs outside of business hours.

What happens if I am late to get my dog?
We usually give people five minutes leeway if they have contacted us to let us know they are running late and ask that they not do it over and over.

If a customer is unable to pick up their dog from daycare, it’s no problem for us. We are happy to have them stay overnight with us. In this event, your dog will be provided dinner and a warm bed. We have overnight staff on duty each night, so your dog will never be left alone.

Where do the dogs sleep?

All dogs sleep on comfy dog beds! Each night we convert our office into our sleepover room. With a staff member in the same room as the dogs all night long, you can enjoy your vacation and rest assured that your dog is both safe and comfortable. With lots of dog beds, cots, and cozy blankets your best friend is free to sleep wherever he or she likes. Most often they cuddle up with the buddies they made during their long day of running, playing, chasing, and wrestling. All dogs staying with us for boarding are automatically enrolled in our daycare program for a ton of fun while you are away.

My dog isn’t fixed, can they come for daycare?
All dogs that attend boarding/daycare or dogs that are groomed at Tail Waggerz must be spayed/neutered by the age of eight months. Case by case exceptions may be made specifically for large breed dogs who must be fixed later in life for medical reasons. If any undesired behaviors arise at any point that are associated with your dog being intact, service will be immediately suspended until your dog has been fixed.
Can we come play with the pups when we drop our dog off?
No. For safety reasons, customers and their children are prohibited from entering the doggie play areas.
When I drop my dog off for boarding what should I bring?
Please only bring enough food for the duration of the stay with individual meals packaged in sandwich bags. Any food provided that is not individually bagged per meal will be re-packaged upon arrival and a fee of $2.00/meal will be applied.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING TUPPERWARE. ALL TUPPERWARE WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISCARDED. We have limited storage for food, and we use our bins that fit together neatly.

Non-typical dietary needs can usually be accommodated. Please see (Link to Med and Diet Fee’s Page) for more information on associated fees.

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(617) 340-2163 (Daycare & Boarding)
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MONDAY- FRIDAY: 7:00am-7:00pm (Drop offs before 10:00am ONLY)
WEEKEND DROP OFF HOURS: 8:00am – 10:00am
WEEKEND PICK UP HOURS: 3:00pm – 5:00pm


WEEKDAY DROP OFF HOURS: 7:00am – 10:00am (Drop offs before 10:00am ONLY)
WEEKDAY PICK UP HOURS: 7:00am - 7:00pm
WEEKEND DROP OFF HOURS: 8:00am – 10:00am
WEEKEND PICK UP HOURS: 8:00am - 10:00am OR 3:00pm - 5:00pm


Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm by appointment only